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We Transform Business-As-Usual Into Data-Led Profit Centers

With Capital Consulting Group, our skills in digital and analytics helps organizations make data-informed decisions.

In short we provide data confidence.

We’ve Got You Covered

Sometimes the need to get outside expertise without the long term commitment is all your team is in need of. That’s where our micro consulting service can step in. We help organizations fulfill talent needs across the following areas:

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Diversity Initiatives

Short-term Projects

Seasonal Fluctuations

Limited Internal Expertise

Filling a Temporary Gap

Let’s Collaborate

Whether you’re looking to start a pilot team or seeking team augmentation on your next big project, we’d love to collaborate with your organization and help realize your vision together.

How Does Micro Consulting Work?

With Capital Consulting Group consultants you get access to specialized expertise for a limited period of time or for a specific task.

Partnering with us allows organizations and agencies to tap into the proficiency they need on an as-needed basis, without committing to a long-term consulting relationship or incurring the costs of hiring a full-time employee.

Our consultants and experts provide short-term, focused consulting services to clients on a specific topic or problem.

Our micro consulting services are typically delivered remotely, and clients may purchase a set number of consulting hours or engage the consultant for a specific project.

Our Goal

To support organization or team initiatives in their efforts to:

  • adopt digital transformation
  • develop a healthy data culture
  • provide autonomy in data analysis without depending on IT
  • plan a cohesive data strategy instead of data-silos
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • personalize their internal/external customer experience

Micro Consulting Services

  • Technical and business expertise in data strategy & data management
  • Identify and define requirements for data-led initiatives
  • Develop data visualization for end users and executive dashboard reports
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Provide Business Strategy & Planning Support
  • Identify areas of improvement in order to become more agile, streamlined and efficient

 So, What’s Next?


We get on a call to understand your unique marketing challenges and how we can best work together.


We collaborate to design your marketing transformation plan.



We get to work implementing what we’ve discussed.

 Capabilities Statement

About Us

Located in the capital of politics, parties and persuasion…Washington, D.C., Capital Consulting Group, LLC is a minority woman-owned & certified digital marketing and data analytics consulting firm.

We help companies (B2B, B2C and B2G) implement rapid marketing campaign deployments with or without, an agile marketing team.

We work with our clients to identify, optimize and iterate on measurable outcomes to track performance (no more confusing spreadsheets).

Alongside a solid marketing strategy we use our proprietary Voiceprint™ process to extract what makes your brand uniquely stand out in your market.


Our Process


We evaluate what’s working and what’s not across your overall marketing department.


We share our recommendations on what can be implemented to align your department towards improvement in your deployments.


Measuring the metrics that move towards business goals and initiatives.


We can continue to work together through:

  • Team Workshops
  • Team Augmentation
  • Tech Stack Improvements

Let’s Get Started

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